• Front-end Engineer
  • フロントエンドエンジニア
  • HTMLコーダー
  • テクニカルディレクター
  • インタラクションデザイナー

代島 昌幸Masayuki Daijima




He is a Technical Director, Creative Coder, Front-End Developer and VJ working as on a freelance basis in Tokyo, Japan.
He always thinks that he'd love to create things that make people excited with expression and technology. He'd like to keep being enthusiastic about craftsmanship and improve himself every day. In digital works that are rapidly developing changing, it's his ultimate goal to create something that at least the next generation of people can be touched by.

He co-founded ARCHETYP Inc, which is his owned web production company in Tokyo, in 2007. He has been involved in a lot of variety of projects such as advertising, marketing and branding websites, apps and digital installations as a Technical Direcor or Programmer. He's put his heart into them and has got some evaluations and awards. In 2017, he decided to study abroad in London and had lived there for 11 months. And then he took a swing through Europe cities, which are Paris, Berlin and Vienna. He met a lot of people from all around the world and experienced a lot of various type of cultures and their sense of values. It was great experience for him. After that he ca